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We provide customized Energuide reports to qualifying homeowners of existing homes to help them understand their home’s specific rating and how to access rebates and incentives.


An EnerGuide home evaluation with an energy advisor provides you with expert advice and a customized retrofit plan so that you can save money on your energy bills, improve your home’s health and comfort, and reduce your home’s environmental impact.


Recommendations from an energy advisor can save you HOURS of planning time and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by assisting you to make energy upgrade decisions that are right for your home and budget.


You may also be eligible for additional rebate programs worth up to   $2450



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Too hot, too cold, too damp, too draughty? Your home is your sanctuary. We help make sense of these issues and make sure your home is looking after you.


Utilities are always on the rise. We’ll show you how to save money by reducing your costs.


Focusing on the right energy efficiency upgrades can increase the value, comfort and appeal of your home.


Energy Assessments are the key to qualifying for many incentives and rebates.


Most types of homes qualify, however, to be sure we need a little more information. Call now to find out if you should get an energy assessment.


‘Darrell helped us find the right balance between our heating systems to boost efficiency and save money.’

Lennie and Serina Allison, Courtenay, BC

Very helpful and enthusiastic, providing good information and being accessible by email for questions during the renovation process. All the links for rebates are clearly laid out in each email message, so there is never a case of having to hunt for information.

Howard Robertson, Comox, BC

Our place is warm, dry, comfortable. Prior to this we had constant condensation on our windows and it was always damp and dank in our home.

Mike Watton, Courtenay, BC

‘Darrell really helped us understand our EnerGuide Rating and which rebates we can qualify for.’

Brodie Harrower and Leslie Appleton, Courtenay, BC



We use labels on FOOD, APPLIANCES, CARS and many other possessions that are important to us… Why wouldn’t we have one for the BIGGEST PURCHASE we ever make? Make sense of your home’s EnerGuide Label. Click on the button below to better understand the EnerGuide Label and to download the ‘Guide to the EnerGuide Label for Homes’

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Pre Assessment


Before you start any renovations, your advisor will collect data on all aspects of your home, (i.e. windows, doors, space and hot water heating systems, ventilation, and insulation). He will also use a blower door test to measure the air exchange in your home. He will then sit down with you to discuss your concerns and plans.


These steps are taken in order to create an energy model, using the approved NRCAN software and to tailor your “Renovation Upgrade Report” of prioritized, cost-effective upgrade recommendations This will also produce your initial EnerGuide rating.

Mid-Renovation Blower Door test

You may want to use this service if you are in the process of major renovations (especially if you use the expression, when talking to your friends, “back to the studs”). Or, after your pre assessment blower door test you decide to undertake air sealing before making a decision on your heating and cooling system.


*Note: This service is not a neccesary part of your EnerGuide rating but can serve as a useful part of your renovation plan.

Post Assessment



After your renovations are complete, your advisor will return to check and verify the improvements. They will also conduct a new blower door test (99% of homes need to improve air tightness and it’s normally the cheapest action you can take).


We’ll then register you for additional incentives and rebates available to you.


We issue you a new (and improved) EnerGuide rating.


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With the experience of over 1,500 energy assessments, we have created a customizable assessment process that helps you make the next steps in energy efficiency with confidence.

At Focused Energy Assessments, understanding all aspects of your company’s energy consumption is crucial. We work for you to provide the facts to benchmark your consumption and make more informed decisions.


We can customize assessments to focus on a specific project, or provide a general assessment to help you prioritize future upgrades.


With most upgrades in a commercial or industrial setting, your stuck wading through quotes full of technical jargon. Let us help take away the confusion with an independent eye.



We use Ashrae Standards for a consistent approach. We are not an engineering company so we do not charge engineering rates. In fact, we are very affordable. Please contact us for a quote. 

Darrell Eason Energy Assessment

Quote Analysis

Need a second opinion on project quotes? Our quote analysis service will review your existing quotes and help you to better understand your options. There is often a lot of important jargon thrown at you but it can be hard to distinguish it from the sales pitch. We will help you ask the right questions so you make the right choice for your project. Whether it be lighting, HVAC, insulation or any other set of quotes let us take a look.

Billing Analysis

For many, bills contain a cost and the rest is technical jargon. A basic bill analysis will help you understand what you are being charged, and will provide an overview of the available data to identify trends and potential ways to reduce your costs. Billing analysis can be a remote or onsite assessment.

ASHRAE LEVEL 1 Assessment

This energy assessment includes an onsite walk-through analysis. Ashrae Level 1 assessments include: A sit down conversation with decision making personnel, onsite utility bill review, walk through to identify the low hanging fruit, potential capital projects, benchmarked energy use and potential rebates available.


The data compiled is then used for preliminary energy use analysis and a report detailing low-cost/no-cost measures and potential capital improvements for further study. Typically, a Level 1 audit will only uncover major problem areas. Corrective measures are briefly described, and quick estimates of implementation costs, potential operating cost savings, and simple payback periods are provided. This level of detail, while not sufficient for reaching a final decision on implementing proposed measures, is adequate to prioritize energy efficiency projects and to assess the need for a more detailed audit.

ASHRAE LEVEL 2 Assessment

A Level 2 audit is a more detailed extension of ASHRAE Level 1. Services include utility bill trend review, 24-36 months theoretical savings based on best case scenarios, O&M review analysis with more detailed energy calculations and financial analysis of proposed energy efficiency measures, the financial analysis or ‘Life Cycle Cost Analysis’ provides the facility owner with comprehensive understanding of the financial benefits of implementing specific energy efficiency measures.

DOWNTIME Prevention Motor Inventory

Are you a medium to large scale industrial facility? Do you know how many motors you have, what size they are, how old they are? What is the life expectancy and what is the run time? No. Well this is the audit for you. Why?


DOWNTIME Prevention Motor Inventory provides a detailed list of all of your motors including a maintenance plan which will help you ensure have the right replacements on hand to minimize downtime.

Contractors/Engineers Click Here

FOCUSED ENERGY can be the proverbial “gun for hire”. If you have a client that you don’t have the manpower to reach in the time you’d like, let us do the preliminary work for you. Let us know what information you need and we can do the leg work. Flat fees, no commissions. Contact us for details.

All service options come with a written report delivered within 7-14 days of delivered service. Prices very depending on the size and type of business. Please contact us for a quote. 


Packages start as low as $49. Call now for a free quote.


”Working with Darrell was a pleasure. In my role with SD10 I have many different sites to manage and to have an independent eye look over the billing data and do some site walk throughs helped me prioritize actions and focus our efforts.”

~ Art Olson, Manager of Operations, School District 10

“We run a pretty tight ship at Valley Cedar and have made improvements to the plant overtime to increase efficiency. Just by looking at our bills and then doing a little detective work, Darrell, found something we’d missed. It was a minor adjustment on our part but saved us thousands if it had gone unnoticed for a further 6 months…well worth the time of a basic assessment.

~ Patricia McMahon. GM, Valley Cedar 2ulc